Noesis Group is a premier full service real estate design, development and investment firm based in Beverly Hills, California.  Founded in 2009, Noesis (No-EE-sis) Group specializes in high-end residential projects providing investors and clients with cutting-edge design and incomparable project management and construction services – leading to valuable returns on their investments that exceed expectation.

Taking into account the exclusive needs and aspirations of each client, Noesis Group exposes an identity that intertwines a full range of designs with environmentally sustainable elements, perfecting the flow and functionality of space.  Noesis Group’s focused vision and advanced ideas, coupled with expertise in latest construction technologies, ensures the uniqueness of each product. The team is constantly fueling their desire to create awe-inspiring design that includes thoughtful detailing, luxurious craftsmanship and most importantly, harmonious functionality.

From large to small projects, the team at Noesis Group maximizes its knowledge and resources within a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment to provide clients with a transparent experience; one in which clients achieve their project goals in a timely manner and at the highest of standards. The team at Noesis continues to push the envelope and deliver a finished product that not only competes, but rises above the rest in the ever-competitive real estate landscape.