Stephanie Harroch

Creative Director


Over a decade ago, Stephanie moved to the United States where she enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering, next the Graduate School of Architecture at Pratt Institute and finally, the School of Graduate Architecture and Design at Columbia University. Upon completion of her extensive education, Stephanie honed her craft in some of the most notable and renowned firms in New York: ASY, Richard Meier, Bernard Tschumi, Aldo Rossi and Partners, and Handel Architects.

In 2014, Stephanie moved her business to Los Angeles and became the Creative Director at Noesis Group.

Stephanie offers a unique and specific design aesthetic and a well-defined architectural style. Minimalist with pure lines, exposed materiality, natural lighting, framed landscape, bold and edgy accents, are just a few of her design aspirations while redefining the character of a space.

Soon after her debut at Noesis Group, Stephanie rapidly got a sense of the Los Angeles market and its design influences and together with the team, developed an architectural “signature” specific to Noesis Group. This trademark is defined by a modern and bold statement featuring a strong European influence and a subtle Mediterranean touch.

Open floor plans, spacious interlaced spaces, grandiose design intents, acute precision to details, and excellence in design execution are just a few attributes that describe what lies beneath the principles of architecture and design at Noesis Group.