Sylvain Sabbah-Mani

VP – Sales & Acquisitions


A real estate builder/developer in Southern California since 2002, Sylvain specializes in the development of single-family and multifamily projects and has extensive experience in all levels of land development and home construction. Sylvain was born in France and has also worked in real estate in Chicago and the Bay Area. In 2010, Sylvain joined Noesis Group and leads the Real Estate Sales and Acquisition Division.

Sylvain oversees a multitude of tasks, including, but not limited to expanding the property management focus, tenant relations, proforma / deal analysis, broker relations and the sales and marketing of all completed real estate projects. Sylvain holds area records for sold sales prices and price per square foot, both of which lead to greater returns for investors.

Prior to joining Noesis Group, Sylvain was a top realtor at a Los Angeles-based brokerage firm in Beverly Hills where he focused on connecting U.S. and foreign high net worth investors with development and investment properties. This experience allowed Sylvain to gain a vast knowledge and understanding of Los Angeles real estate values and the overall market.

Sylvain’s experience in property management came from his role as Director of Property Management and Tenant Relations at Mani Brothers, LLC, one of the L.A.’s largest privately-owned real estate firms specializing in nationally recognized, AAA, commercial buildings, hotels and restaurants. During his time at Mani Brothers Sylvain supervised the acquisition and the renovations of 9201 and 9200 W. Sunset Blvd; this included working with the agents, tenants and all negotiations regarding the acquisitions and financing of the purchases.

In his free time, Sylvain is a car enthusiast who often competes in SCCA and BMW CCA track cross events. Sylvain attended the University of California, Berkeley where he studied Business Management at the Haas School of Business. He currently is a licensed broker within the state of California.